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Lock the doors and find tissues, this is Wendy, horny teenage amateur who decided to become a real model, and you can be more than sure that she'll make you feel hot and cum high like professional in seconds! Huge boobs, perfect slim figure, unforgettable girl-next-door looking face… She's just amazing! She passes the high school finals now and wants to continue education at Studies, let's help her earn some extra money! .
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 Joy of 8 Exclusive Galleries!

Wendy Star Exlusive Amateur Gallery
Pictures: 33
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Panties down, sweet
Gentlemen, it's gonna be hot for a while so you better close the doors, open window and ...
Pictures: 57
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Wendy is brilliant
Such a lovely face, great slim figure, and such a heavy melons! We all can't believe tha...
Pictures: 55
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To make you happy
To make you happy man, Wendy will show you her smile. With her brilliant face and cool hairdo...
Pictures: 89
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Sweet kitchen show
The teaser of the year! Forget about nudity, take it as a aperitif before the main entr&eacut...
Pictures: 22
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Wendy teases perfectly
Pink t-shirt, short jeans mini and nothing else underneath, this is enough to make a happy gu...
Pictures: 59
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Wendy loves skirts
As the title says, Wendy just loves skirts, especially made of jeans. That's why we love...
Pictures: 40
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Long, looong legs
Besides boobies, face, brilliant pussy, Wendy has other, let's call them, talents ;) She...
Pictures: 44
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 Joy of 17 Exclusive Movies!

Bed time with Wendy

So you've just died and you wonder why the hell this pretty blonde angel rests on bed when he should take your hand and fly with you up to the heaven, don't you? ;) I'll tell you why. Some of them came down on earth cause up in there was ...
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Bad girl Wendy

This amateur is better than ten professionals! We know her not even since months and all of us has managed to fall in love with her, at least on a longer while ;) but it's not strange when you admire this brilliant teen doing such a naughty things ...
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Wendy Star Exlusive Amateur Movie

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Dance, dance, dance

Why the hell we didn't see her before! Where she could be so we didn't meet her?! It's amazing, take a look. Wendy dances and strips from tight clothes, doing it so professional and well. In crowd of busty babes, she shines probably the s...
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Busty Wendy on armchair

When you see a word 'armchair' in title of the video, you can be sure about one thing: it's gonna be big pussy close-up! This time won't be different, Wendy rests in armchair and gets feel too hot. We suggested her to take off some c...
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Wendy in hot kitchen

Nothing boils in this kitchen, but the temperature there is big anyway, and this is because Wendy who took off her shirt and leaves her big and round boobs to breathe with fresh air! Ok, we don't mind it, nothing, she cleans our kitchen up and does...
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Burning hot shower

It's time to get the shower so we take a camera and go behind brilliant Wendt to eternize this unforgettable while on a videotape ;) This is first time for her in this role so please be nice for her, she's just a little bit shy ;) Don't f...
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Wendy's present for you

Wanted to see busty Wendy in hardcore action? I bet that you dream to see her with real lover ;) Me too, but we all have to wait a little longer, for this time, her plastic friend should make us feel better. Oh. I'm sure that you won't end hig...
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Smelling and ready on love ;)

These are the last moments before we went out the bathroom and begun Real Thing: first sex video with busty Mandy in the most important role. You just guys wait to see her in action, a hole in window caused by too strong cumshot guaranteed! But for now,...
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Surprise video ;)

Now you are happy to get up to know how it looks from other side! This is how we film our striptease videos with busty beauties. As you can see, all pleasure belongs to the cameraman! Now you know who you want to become in future? ;)
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How Wendy's pink looks?:)

Sweet! Wow, when this busty teen takes her top off, we all feel crazy, when she throws her jeans skirt off and shows us that there is nothing more to remove, we all don't know where we are, all visible things get mixed up and the only thing we can ...
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Cleaning up, teasing...

You watch your wife cleaning up the floor and you'd never say that it's a kind of teasing sight, don't you? So we would like to show you something. See sweet Wendy making housekeep duties. See and change your mind!
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Closer to naughty

We all wait for Wendy to show us more! But she couldn't sell everything at once, it's even better for us to wait longer for her tight pink we all would like to see. Everything what comes more difficult, tastes many times better!
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Wendy getting better

This time it was totally easier for Wendy to brag of her biggest jewel! The second time and she reminds us many of our experienced models! What we've managed to fall in love with is her face. Damn, guys, take a look, this is 100% polish meat. We lo...
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Wendy the farm girl

Wendy knows what hard work means, she even has a special suit to work in... Joke : You think that we could let her work physically?! Never, such a delicate babe shouldn't take any harder jobs into her tiny hands! Just stand there Wendy and smile ni...
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Show what you have!

We asked her to take the shirt and bra off, she thrown us a frightened look, but the smell of bucks convinced her... Uff, we all got hot when her massive bubbles saw the lamp light first time. It was sure that it was good choice ;)
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The Wendy's Premiere!

The Wendy's Premiere! Hello guys, today's your happy day! We got a new Kitten to play with, her name is Wnedy and she's still teenager! I know it's hard to believe, especially because her unnatural full bosom, but its fact pure like...
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